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Beyond traditional surface engineering solutions

More With GSNK

With our global footprint and extensive application-specific expertise, our capabilities are virtually limitless, and we strive to push the boundaries of what's possible and inspire customers in all markets to collaborate and innovate with us.

Respect The Environment

Respect for the environment is critical to our core values, so we strive to continue creating quality products that meet your needs while respecting the environment. We all share this planet; let's do our best to do better for future generations.

We are committed to protecting the environment through good business practices, GSNK ensures that the environment adheres to good business practices by utilizing the prevention of pollution and minimization of waste, our commitment to environmental stewardship also extends to products.

What We Value Drives Us.

  To reach our full potential and build true partnerships, we live by the values of safety, excellence and respect.  

We are committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment for all, and we regard safety as a fundamental value at every level of our business.
In customer service, manufacturing, process and innovation, we strive for excellence every day to achieve the best at every level of our business.
It all starts with mutual respect, believing that we can realize our potential, work together to pursue the company's goals, continue to grow, and broaden our horizons
We live together on this planet, let us respect the environment and do our best to leave lucid waters and lush mountains to future generations.